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Did you know that Facebook now gets more visitors every day than Google?

Your business strategy today needs to include your website and social networking.

Why? When people prepare for a trip today, they go to two places: the web and friends. How do they ask their friends for advice today? Facebook and Twitter.

These are not just for kids. We have a friend in her 70's who regularly uses Facebook to find out what to do this weekend with grandkids or to ask what's ripe in the local orchards.

Social networking is really nothing new. The Internet has made it easier to do.

Social networking is just getting other people to take your message to their friends, who take it to their friends. Salespeople have been doing this for years. But it takes a lot of time and energy to pull off. With social networking on the Internet you can send out short bits of information daily to your customers and they don't mind; and they are much more likely to pass that information on to their friends.

If you are a restaurant, there are also sites you can use to get your business seen and rated by your customers.

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